Ann Segal has been a photographer for over forty years. After graduating from Walnut Hills High School in 1966, she attended the University of Wisconsin  and Boston University, majored in the history of art and received a B.A. in Fine Arts in 1970.

She managed Cafe DeWitt in Ithaca, NY for several years before moving to the West Coast, studying photography at the Santa Barbara Art Institute while living on a 25 ft Danish sloop. She settled in the SF Bay Area for fifteen years, exhibited her work at Artisans Gallery in Mill Valley, and served on the Art Commission there.

In 1993 she returned to Cincinnati, continuing and expanding her commercial photography work until 2006. Since then she has been exhibiting regularly, including with Fotofocus since 2012. For Fotofocus 2014 she produced a video called ‘Conversations with Photographers,’ interviewing six local photographers about their life, work and process.

The next video in that series, an interview with Anita Douthat and Cal Kowal, premiered in October 2016 at Xavier University’s AB Cohen Gallery during Fotofocus 2016.

Ann Segal’s work is informed by her life, a decades long practice of yoga and tai chi, a deep connection to the natural world, and a curiosity about the creative process.

She currently lives in Clermont County with her husband Jerry Malsh. 

CONTACT: asannsegal@gmail.com